Training Update

Hillclimbing at La Petite Caroline in Rougemont

Despite the clouds and high level of humidity (a storm was coming), it was just enough time for a training session behind the scooter. As we’re getting closer to the last World Cup of the season (Quebec), each pedal stroke has its purpose. Thanks to Cycling Canada national team coach Sebastien Travers, who had me ride through the beautiful towns of Knowlton and Sutton yesterday, the week is starting off pretty well.

The goal was simple: ride at race pace and make sure to select the right gear to climb and re-accelerate once at the top. DONE, except for one time, which could have been costly if we had been in a race.

The Eastern Townships are full of farms; therefore, we can expect to come across farming vehicles on the road. This is what happened yesterday, just before the final climb. On a two-way street going up, a tractor was on the road; it was going slower than we were. We had to pass it quickly and I was too focused on passing the vehicle that technique was the last thing on my mind. I got up on the pedals and pounded to climb as fast as I possibly could. Of course, once at the top of the climb, it was difficult to re-accelerate. Lesson learned evaluate your effort through the obstacle, like a climb and make sure to have the right gear to tip over once you reach the top.

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