Teamwork in cycling is essential. Other than strength and conditioning, mental preparation or nutrition, there are services and equipment necessary for the body and the bike that are of the utmost importance.

I’m grateful to be surrounded by people who believe in me and want to support my adventures. Without them by my side, performing would be much more difficult.

t-lab logo in blue on transparent background

Titanium frames have always been synonymous with strength and durability. I’m proud to partner with Montreal-based T-Lab; they are a people-first, family-first kind of group. Also, their revolutionary technology give frames that are 30% stiffer and lighter, which is awesome! Titanium bikes are made to last.

Made in Quebec, the Mint’N Dry products are an eco-friendly solution for bike cleaning products. From soap to wax, the quality is equal to none and there is no need to use water! As global warming and the environment are important to me, I’m proud to be sponsored by a local company!

logo de Longueuil Honda

For the past 40 years, Longueuil Honda has been taking care of families from and around Longueuil. A family means humans first and Honda is certainly an icon for performance and durability. I’m honoured to be partnering with Longueuil Honda, who help making sure my vehicle is always is top condition, like my bikes!

Eyeglasses are essential to my vision! Not only do they protect the eyes from dust on the road but also provide protection against UV rays coming from the sun. Eye Am specialists use the latest technology that provide an HD vision, by using Nikon lenses. Present in Boucherville, Dorval, Montréal and Québec, they offer champion services!

logo Julbo

The Julbo expertise for sport sunglasses is widely known. Being a Julbo Canada athlete, I can count on sunglasses that give me an edge to perform; solid, aero and precise. The design is also very nice! What I like in my sunglasses (model Rush and Aero) is how light they feel and all the details I can see, change of lighting, obstacles on the road AND lenses that are vented, meaning no fog in winter! Available at Eye Am.