Athlete, coach, speaker, entrepreneur… My head is often full of ideas! Through various projects and commitments, I want to convince people that physical activity unconditionally contributes to a better quality of life and better health. I am proud to partner with organizations whose mission is the adoption of healthy lifestyles, the development of self-confidence and “empowerment” through the practice of sport.

Good resolutions are not enough, it takes a commitment. Since 1995, the Adapted Sports Foundation has offered people with disabilities the opportunity to learn a sport or participate in an outdoor activity. As a Paralympic athlete, I know that sport plays a huge role in the quality of life of people with disabilities. As I am not a runner, I commit in 2022 to cover 2km every day (as often as possible) in order to raise funds for this foundation. Your contribution will help me cover the distance every day. It’s not the distance I’m going to run that matters but the reason why I’m going to run; for those who can’t.

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La Chouette Crew is a personal project that is particularly close to my heart. Cycling is a unifying sport and the goal of this gravel bike club is to bring people of all levels to surpass themselves while having fun riding. Gravel cycling has a personality that unites people and this is what we do at La Chouette Crew.

Formerly known as S.H.E Cycling Program, the Canadian Women Cycling Collective is a growing project that wishes to promote Canadian women’s cycling. The CWCC has for mission to empower women through the sport of cycling and provide them with resources to embrace their passion. From local initiatives to race results, the scope is large and the purpose is to build a strong community in which members may benefit from each other’s experience.

     Since 2007, the cycling club Les Cyclopétards has been promoting healthy lifestyles and self-fulfillment among women through cycling. Present in 5 regions of Quebec (Montreal, Estrie, Quebec City, Montérégie, Mauricie), the club now has 400 members. Between 2016 and 2021, I was involved as an ambassador for the club and on the Board as a communications coordinator, community manager and webmaster.