Run 2022

2022 and a running shoe

For many, sport is just sport. For 15% of us, sport is also a mean of inclusion. Through physical activity, we find ways to push ourselves and accomplish many things we are proud of. To help the Adapted Sports Foundation of Knowlton, Québec, fulfill its mission of providing people with a handicap with an opportunity to discover sports such as downhill skiing, paracycling and many other.

As a paralympian, I can understand the effect of sport on the population, how great it feels to be active. This is why I wish to contribute in 2022, with your help. I would like to run 2km every day and raise funds for the Adapted Sports Foundation. It’s not the distance that matters but the reason WHY I choose to run.

To make a donation, please use this GofundMe link. Thank you very much for your contribution! Make sure to follow my blog for updates about this journey!

casual shot of marie-claude molnar