Community is the heart and soul of a society. Building a community brings initiatives to life, and ultimately contribute to creating movement. For curious minds who need to know, here are a few initiatives with shared common values.

logo reseau eco-sportif

The Réseau éco-sportif is born from the desire to unite sports federations and organisations across Québec, and guide them in their socio-ecological transition. The Réseau has the potential to become a center piece, in sports environmental sustainability, in the province of Québec.

Ecoathletes is an organisation regrouping many renowned athletes, academics, climate scientists, scholars, and green business leaders from all over the world, in making a pledge to use sports as a lever to raise awareness on the climate crisis. Ecoathletes champions use their platforms to promote actions to reduce the carbon footprint of sports.

Super thrilled to take part in this event, on October 6th, 2023. What are the first steps WE can make, to help preserve the environment and its natural resources? Click to learn more about Green Sports Day Canada.