Time for We and Us

Crossing the finish line at the 2022 Baie Comeau World Championships. Radio-Canada

This was just last year. It’s surprising how fast time goes by! All the events of the past years washing over, 300 metres from the finish line, as the bell from the nearby church rang, made the moment even more special in significance.

One year after this moment, I am now part of a remarkable team of people at the Réseau des femmes en environnement as communications officer, involved in a non-profit called Réseau éco-sportif, which aims at raising awareness about the environmental impact of sport, and I’ve also joined my voice to those of hundreds of other athletes and scholars as well as academics at EcoAthletes and Protect Our Winters Canada. It’s also back to university in September, to build a solid foundation and eventually contribute to research in the field of sports environmental sustainability.

Being a high-performance athlete for 14 years has been an incredible learning experience, but now it’s time to take on a new journey! It’s about being patient and not being too hard on oneself, while still working hard to achieve goals. High performance sport teaches us self-awareness, mindfulness, and many other soft skills. Life is not about performance but about experience, being kind, mindful, grateful, and forgiving. It’s time for more we and us as being part of one community, whilst still enjoying being on the bike from time to time, for the love of sport!

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