From Mentee to Mentor

Logo credit : Courtesy of Santi Suter, OLY

Teamwork. There’s no secret. It’s all about teamwork.

Standing in front of an ocean may feel overwhelming. However, a good understanding of your values and objectives makes it easier to navigate. Throughout my career as a high-performance athlete, incredible and inspiring individuals—coaches, mentors, and role models—have supported me by providing valuable insights that have helped me move forward. I am eternally grateful for their unwavering support.

Becoming a mentor is something I had been aspiring to for quite some time. Therefore, when retired Olympian Santi Suter approached me to join her Olympic Mentors program as an ambassador and mentor, saying yes was an obvious choice and great honour!

I am delighted to be paired with Franziska Matile-Dörig, who is a Swiss C4 paracyclist. Franziska began to compete in 2022 in homeland Europe and she has now qualified to race internationally. Her eyes are set on the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. She has a remarkable story, and I certainly invite you to follow her journey!

Mentoring is a very humbling role. Being asked to pass on and share my experience with Franziska is a great honour and privilege I am grateful for. Learning is a lifelong experience and mentoring isn’t a one-way street. Getting support early on makes a world of difference

CLICK HERE to read Santi’s LinkedIn post about her Olympic Mentors program.

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